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Welcome to the D&M website, and thanks for taking the time to stop by and find out more about what we do.

D&M was incepted and powered by a burning passion to present something exceptional to women in the world of health and beauty. I am proud of the structure put in place to ensure product excellence and exceptional service to our customers. My creative and talented team offers a wide array of beauty and hair services focusing on a total aesthetic look and revitalization. Our signature line treatments, some of them exclusively developed and customized for D&M, are aimed at giving our customers an unparalleled experience.

Staffed with a team of committed professionals working towards a common goal, our heart and soul lies in pampering you with the best. Our mission therefore, is accomplished without having you move an inch.

D&M is designed and developed to be unique and exclusive. We are not just a cut above the rest, we are truly different!

About us

Welcome to D&M Home Salon and Spa! We take pride in announcing ourselves as Bangalore's Award Winning destination for professional salon services at your door step. We provide head-to-toe beauty solutions for women who embrace beauty and aesthetics and value quality. Experience our professional staff's dedication to your comfort and relaxation with a total focus on your health and beauty, at your own home.

At D&M, we strive to exceed our client's expectations and we have a true passion for what we do. We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to excellence. Driven by honesty and integrity, we have chosen every single product after conducting a thorough market research.

Our definition of a soothing and nourishing experience for our customers comes into being when these products merge with our experienced staff's expert care.

Customer Testimonials

Shruthi Pujari

IT consultant
Indira Nagar

An extremely professional team and amazing services. I am regular with D&M and have liked their facials, body spas and now straightening. I get to do all this while just being at home enjoying my coffee and listening to my favorite music. Good Job team D&M.

Anjali Rao


I got beautiful services by two best friends of mine for my 20th birthday they made me feel so special I got pedicure, manicure, threading, waxing, body spa thanks to the beauticians who are now friends of mine. Thanks for everything! Will call for services again for sure.

Mangala Joshi

HSR Layout

Very impressed with D&M. The products used and the result on my skin is just phenomenal. I was tired of driving to salons when I heard about D&M and have been a regular since them. Very well trained team, very polite even when it takes longer than expected.



Thank you for hosting a wonderful spa party for my friends at a short notice. An extended weekend and this just turned out to be an excellent choice. Will be calling for more.


At D&M, we are emphatically focused to achieve and maintain the reputation of being a strong leader in the beauty service industry. Our company is always growing and we need individuals who are willing to excel through hard work and passion. We offer a competitive pay with fast-track advancement and lucrative incentives.

A career at D&M offers a fun working environment, opportunities for advanced education in beauty therapies and hair styling, and a platform to develop and grow.

If you are interested to join our team, please fill out the form or email us at

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  • Face
  • Hair
  • Body
  • Hands & Feet
  • Bridals
  • Regulars

Basic Face Treatments

Premium Face Treatments

Basic Face Treatments

  Shahnaz Facial  
  Metallic Pearl Facial  
  Chocolate Facial  
  Advance Glow Facial  
  02 Facial  
  Metallic Gold Facial  
  Anti Ageing Facial  
  Metallic Diamond Facial  
  Vitamin C Facial  
  Anti Tan Anti Pollution Facial  
  Regular Clean Up  
  Acne Clean Up  
  Skin Brightning Clean Up  
  Jolen Face Bleach  
  Oxy Face Bleach  
  Under Eye Treatment  

Premium Face Treatments

24k Gold Indulgence Facial

A perfect fit for pre bridal treatments and important occasions, this facial suits all skin types for all age groups. Known for its long stay results, it leaves your skin refreshed and glowing!

Advanced Whitening Facial

Suits all skin types and one of the best remedies for pigmentation, blemishes and freckles. A young skin's answer for uniform complexion and youthful appearance.

Anti Ageing Advanced Whitening Facial

A combination treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while giving your skin a long lasting glow. Ideal for a radiant, fresh and rejuvenated complexion

Anti Ageing Collagen Facial

Ideal for matured wrinkled skin, the hot and cold action helps in stilumating the collagen. Suitable for all skin types, this treatment also results in skin brightening and lightning.

Anti Ageing Caviar Facial

Good for ageing skin having dryness and fine lines. This treatment firms the skin and provides nourishment. It improves the texture, provides firmness and eliminates fine lines.


Basic Range

Premium Range

(Extra charges for Men)

Basic Range

  • Body Bleach
  • Waxing
  • Brazilian Wax
  • Threading
  Half Arms  
  Full Arms  
  Half Legs  
  Full Legs  
  Full Back/ Front  
  Half Back/ Front  
  Upper Lip  
  Half Arms  
  Full Arms  
  Half Legs  
  Full Legs  
  Full Back/ Front  
  Upper Lip  
  Upper Lip  
  Upper Lip  
  Lower Lip  

Premium Range

  • Body Bleach
  • Waxing
  Half Arms  
  Full Arms  
  Half Legs  
  Full Legs  
  Full Back/ Front  
  Half Back/ Front  
  Upper Lip  

Choice of Chocolate, Aloe Vera or Olive Oil Wax customized for different skin types. Choose the one that suits you the best and watch your skin getting pampered like never before!

  Half Arms  
  Full Arms  
  Half Legs  
  Full Legs  
  Full Back/ Front  
  Basic Hair Cut/ Trimming  
  Child Hair Cut  
  Change of Style Short/ Medium  
  Change of Style Long/ Extra Long  
  Hair Cut for Men  
  Hair Styling Blow Dry Short/Medium  
  Hair Styling Blow Dry Long/Extra Long  
  Hair Styling Crimping/Ironing Short/Medium  
  Hair Styling Crimping/Ironing long  
  Hair Styling Crimping/Ironing Extra Long  
  Hair Straightening/ Rebonding/ Perming - Short/ Medium  
  Hair Straightening/ Rebonding/ Perming -  Long/ Extra Long  
  Vitalizing Hair Spa  
  Nourishing Indulgence Hair spa  
  Smooth Hair spa  
  Intense Repair Hair spa  
  Anti Dandruff Scalp Treatment  
  Soothing Scalp treatment  
  Scalp Purifying Treatment  
  Hair Dye Application Short/Medium  
  Hair Dye Application Long/Extra Long Hair  
  Henna Application  
  Coconut/Olive Oil Massage  
  Almond/Aroma Oil Massage  
  Hair Color Basic Range    
  Global Hair Colour Short/Medium Hair  
  Global Hair Colour Long Hair  
  Global Hair Colour Extra  Long Hair  
  Root Touch Up Half Tube  
  Root Touch Up Full Tube  
  Hair Streaking Short/Medium Hair (Per Streak)  
  Hair Streaking Long Hair (Per Streak)  
  Hair Streaking Extra Long Hair (Per Streak)  
  Hair Colour Ammonia Free Range
  Globle Hair Colouring Short/Medium Hair  
  Globle Hair Colouring Long Hair  
  Global Hair Colouring Extra Long Hair  
  Root Touch Up Half tube  
  Root Touch Up Full Tube  
  Hair Streaking Short/Medium Hair  (Per Streak)  
  Hair Streaking Long hair  (Per Streak)  
  Hair Streaking Extra Long hair  (Per Streak)  

Basic Treatments

Premium Treatments

Basic Treatments

  Traditional Indian Body Massage  
  Swedish Body Massage  
  Authentic Thai Body Massage  
  Body Polish- Orange Rind Scrub  
  Body Polish - Almond Rose Scrub  
  Body Polish - Almond-Saffron Scrub  

Premium Treatments

Energizing Body Spa

This treatment combines Almond, Rose and 22 Herb Clay, specially designed to make you feel energized. The Almond Rose Scrub exfoliates the dead skin cells, detoxifies and calms the body . Followed by a 22 Herb Clay Mask, this recipe leaves no stone unturned to resurrect you!

Radiance Body Spa

A perfect recipe to a radiant skin, this treatment uses an Orange Rind Scrub to refresh your skin and give it an instant glow. Orange scrub Incorporates orange oil and mineral granules which helps remove dead cells and cleanse the skin pores. Blended with a Sandalwood mask treatment, this spa leaves your body cleansed and refreshed!

Rejuvenating Body Spa

Treat your body with a rich blend of Almond Saffron Scrub and a Sandalwood Saffron Mask. While the almond gently removes the dead skin cells and delays the manifestation of ageing signs on the skin, the saffron hydrates the skin and gives it a heavenly glow. Sandalwood Saffron mask completes this treatment by softening your skin, making it blemish free with an ever lasting glow!

Pre Natal and Post Natal Body Massage
Customized, Price on Request

Hands & Feet

Basic Treatments

Premium Treatments

Basic Treatments

  Deep Cleansing Aroma Manicure  
  Deep Cleansing Aroma Pedicure  
  French Manicure  
  French Pedicure  
  Temporary Nail Extensions  
  Permanent Nail Extensions - Acrylic/ Gel  
  Basic Nail Paint Change  
  Gel Nail Paint Change  
  Nails Cut, File and Polish  
  French Nail Paint Change  
  Nail Extension Nail Paint Change  
  Nail Art Range  

Premium Treatments

Experience our signature pedicure/ manicure treatments that comfort and nourish your hands and feet. These treatments are known to provide intensive hydration and moisturisation to the skin while curing chapped/ cracked heels, remove cuticles and heal dry nails. Blended well with a long lasting glow, these treatments are perfect when you want the best!

  Moisture Rich Manicure  
  Moisture Rich Pedicure  
  Premium Radiance Manicure  
  Premium Radiance Pedicure  
  Foot Refloxogy Treatment with Pedicure  
  Couple Foot Refloxogy Treatment with Pedicure  
  Bridal Make Up  
  Bridal Mehendi (Upto Bangle Line And Ankle)  
  Bridal Mehendi (Upto Elbow Line And Knees)  
  Bridal Packages (Brides Only And Brides & Grooms)   Customized, Price
on Request
  Mehendi Half Hands  
  Mehendi Full Hands  
  Mehendi Feet  
  Basic Make Up  
  Basic Make Up and Hair Styling  
  Premium Make Up  
  Premium Make Up and Hair Styling  
  Saree/ Lehenga Draping  
Photoshoot & Portfolio

Bridal Packages

At D&M, we believe that a bride is watched every single time she makes an appearance. Experience our never before "Make Over Bridals" that make you look gorgeous not only for that one special day but throughout your wedding event. Offered to you in three different packages, the duration of these packages differ and the treatments are customized basis your skin assessment and requirement. Our bridal makeup has won a lot of accolades from our customer's and we undertake bridal assignments anywhere in India.

Divine - A month and a half long bridal plan designed to give you an exclusive transforming experience!!

Eternal - Step into your bridal shoes a month before and experience our range of beauty solutions to get that unforgettable stunning look!!

Bliss - Two weeks is all we need to make you turn heads with an all new fresh and magnificent glow!!

Groom Packages

Well, the brides are meant to steal the show but it's the couple that's the limelight of any wedding. At D&M, we are focussed on the groom as much and our exclusive packages are designed to bring out that perfect even skin tone for you man! Grooms can choose from three different packages depending on skin assessment done by our experts and the duration best suited.

Absolute - A month and a half long package designed to cater to your specific skin needs be it de-tanning, oil control or just a refreshed skin tone. Blended with body massages and reflexology treatments, this package is just perfect for men looking at rejuvenation while they groom.

Premium - A month long package that comes with grooming and wellness treatments for a relaxed body and a revived skin tone.

Classic - A two week energizing package resulting in a fresh and radiant look for your big day.


A Spa'rty is a perfect blend of spa treatments and a theme party. It could either be a personal chit chat session with friends, a cocktail party or a celebration than be converted into a Spa’rty.

Our Spa'rty comes in two ranges:

Lounge Spa'rty for Coporates

In a Lounge Spa'rty, we get you a range of salon services chosen by you for your group. Once customized and scheduled as per your convenience, we deck up your place with an exclusive select range to create an ambience best suited for your special occasion. Corporates indulge in a Spa'rty to expand and showcase their brand, launch new products and pamper loyal customers & employees. A Spa’rty is an incredible event tool that can be customized to accommodate any theme, product or occasion. A Lounge Spa’rty is best suited for corporates, product launches, customer appreciation and employee appreciation themes. Travel arrangements can be made for our team to travel offsite if the event is conducted at a location other than the office premises.

Club Spa'rty for Private Occassions

A new dimension to home salon that relaxes and rejuvenates you while you sip your cocktail, chit chat and party with friends. A Club Spa'rty comes with a blend of chosen salon services along with a theme party of your choice. Our team will work with you on an assorted variety of themes and arrange end to end logistics starting with the ambience, to the food from the kitchen of a specialized Chef-de-cuisine, to some tantalizing cocktails created by a brew-master and finally some groovy music to amuse your ears. A Club Spa'rty is best suited for home parties, farmhouse parties, garden parties and pool parties. An exclusive spa experience just the way you like it.

If you are interested to conduct a Club Spa'rty at an offsite location, our team will work with you and care for end to end logistics from choosing the right kind of place to finalizing the menu and even designing creative spa’rty invites.


It's all about pampering your employees. From Discount coupons or Gift Vouchers on special occasions to a Pamper Party for your employees on your mind, we care for end to end logistics for your employees.

You can either opt for a select set of salon services for a day in a week or a month or choose a simple corporate tie up with exclusive discounts. Just the perfect choice to make your employees feel special!!

Professional Makeup

We provide professional makeup and hair styling services for a wide spectrum of clientele. Regardless if you are a professional in the entertainment business or you are a new model looking to create your first modelling portfolio, we are here for you.

We also partner with corporates and commercials entities as makeup and hair styling experts for their photoshoots and advertisements. So whatever photoshoot you would like, our highly skilled creative professionals are just a call away!!

Our makeup academy houses experienced and skilled industry professionals training aspiring makeup artists in the latest makeup applications and techniques. Our 6 week professional course covers end to end theory and practical classes on fashion makeup, theatre makeup, bridal makeup and movie makeup. Being the best in class, we also provide internships and professional assignments to our batch toppers!

Porfolio & Photoshoot

From starter images for new models through to updating existing portfolios, we offer a creative approach to bring out the very best poses and styles in a professional photography studio environment or on location. Whether it be for modelling, acting or a family photo shoot, customizing a mix of traditional, reportage and creative imagery is our skill best perfected!!

Honestly, it's not what you take the picture with, it's the person behind the lens with the skill and his imagination and ability to capture something different, push boundaries and create images that just leave you wanting to see more. Our pictures have a very distinctive look, and with years of experience in all types of photography you get a crossover effect that has that edgy look and takes your portrait/wedding images to a different level.

With a well equipped studio we are able to offer a full professional photographic service to businesses, individuals and families. The service is intended to be rewarding and fun, enabling clients to witness something different every time we are behind the lens!!

Mother Care

Pre Natal Massages

Changes during pregnancy occur because of changes in your hormone levels and when these hormones play havoc within you, there is little that can be done medically. Pregnancy can be tough on your muscles too. Carrying a baby inside you changes your center of gravity and puts a lot of stress on your back, neck, abdominal muscles, and shoulders. Pregnancy also relaxes your ligaments, so that your pelvic joints are less stable, and changes your posture, pulling your pelvis forward. Add to that the extra weight you're carrying and you've got yourself an aching lower back. As your chest and belly continue to grow the strain on your back intensifies. You also tend to be forced into one or two sleeping positions that can put continuous pressure on your hips and torque your back and neck while you (try to) sleep.

The baby is also affected by the mother's feelings and the atmosphere around her. This is why it is so important to remain calm, happy and positive during your pregnancy in order to have a calm and happy baby.

Luckily, there are many natural solutions to ease pain, anxiety and discomfort in pregnancy and delivery as well as to help keep both mind and body healthy and whole. Regular prenatal massages can loosen those achy and stiff muscles and help you cope with the discomfort. These massages are also great for helping to deal with specific troubles in pregnancy like nausea, high blood pressure, constipation, pain caused due to stretching of ligaments in pelvic areas and so on.

Our trained and experienced prenatal massage therapists know where a pregnant woman's sore spots are likely to be and can usually provide a great deal of relief. We provide massage during all three trimesters and will gladly use medium, light or even deep pressure to your liking when appropriate.

Post Partum Care

The stress of delivery and the hours spent caring for your baby tends to take a toll on your body. A whirlwind of emotions such as loss of identity, loneliness, insecurity, incapability, and abandonment may contribute to feelings of fear, resentment, anger, and isolation for some. Lack of support can lead to this situation which is a major contributing factor of Post Partum Depression. PPD is a very real and very common experience.

Of all the things a new mother can do after the birth of the baby, post-natal massage is one of the most valuable in both physical and emotional benefits. These massages can help reverse the ageing signs to complement the overall mental and physical recovery of your body.

Aside from assisting in successful lactation (for breastfeeding mothers), firming up the stomach muscles through a tummy-bind with special herbs and reducing water retention, post-natal massage can also provide effective relief from headache, constipation, and pain in muscles and joints.

Post Partum Massage may help in these ways:

  • Re-establishes pelvis structural integrity
  • Supports healthy lactation
  • Reduces stress hormones
  • Facilitates the healing of bladder disorders, post-episiotomy soreness, and Cesarean Section
  • Relieves neck/shoulder/back pain
  • Supports healthy emotional state
  • Aids in maternal bonding

Sessions are scheduled four times a week for the first 12 weeks post partum. Infants can be nursed while receiving your massage in a side lying position which eliminates the need for childcare.

Call us for a customized package best suited for you and let our skilled therapists care for your complete healing and rejuvenation experience

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